Friday, July 6, 2007

What am I doing this week-end in Paris?

For the 5th edition, Paris is having "Paris Cinema Festival". Charlotte Rampling presides over the festival this year.

About 20 places in the city for movies or special event through all the arrondissements of Paris. Most of these are free, but it's better to check before.
The programming is quite eclectic, as the previous year: short movies, long movies or non-entrant movies.
Discover 13 new feature films (fiction and documentaries) from all around the world, presented by their directors and competing for three major awards : the Paris Cinéma Audience Award; the Paris Cinéma Jury Award by the Official Jury of talents and professionals; the Paris Cinéma Award of the Future by a Jury of students in cinema.

On July 7 at 10 pm
Montmartre, below the Sacré Coeur (18th arr.)
A unique musical presentation of silent films and short comedies which were recently found and restored. The screening will be held outdoors, in Montmartre, with live piano music. An evening of exception which celebrates funny film archives and musical creation.

From July 3rd to July 14, 2007
Prices: 4 € / 3 € for children under 12.
Tickets are on sale strictly at the theatre where the film is screening.
Tickets are not on sale at the Paris Cinéma Centre
Tickets can be booked in advance only in some venues. Please inquire directly at the theatre.

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