Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Vegetal walls, a new Parisian design concept

The vegetal wall (Mur Végétal in french) relies on a new way to grow plants without any soil. Since its weight is very light, it is possible to set up the vegetal wall on any wall with any size. It can be outdoor or indoor.

And trust me, the visual effect is absolutely stunning!
Patrick Blanc is a french botanist who won many prizes over his career. He is the inventor of the vegetal wall.
The list of walls, this artist has conceived, is very long.
Here is some of his creations:
- Club Med, Paris
- Nexus Headquarter, Paris
- BHV Homme facade, Paris
- Babyliss Headquarter, Paris
- Quai Branly Museum, Paris (A great museum which will probably be one the next blog spot)
And so on...

Here is the Patrick Blanc's website.


Anonymous said...

That's so cool!
I'm wondering how the plants get stuck on the wall?

~*~Hotel Le A~*~ said...

Patrick Blanc uses some PVC and polyamide which enables the plants to "breath" and get irrigation.The roost grow in this felt.
Thanks for the comment:)